About Sumit Decor

SUMIT DECOR - A Delhi based Architecture & Interior Design Firm is a Venture of M/S Engineering Design Consultancy the Principal Architect Firm, With over 30 Years of experience in major Corporate Projects, Institutional Projects, Private Buildings, Offices, Industrials, Warehouses, M.E.P, Residential Spaces and Conservation Work. The firm enjoys a reputation for architecture and interior design solutions that are varied, comprehensive, and most importantly, client-focused.

Every EDC creation aims to integrate a timeless aesthetic with functional design, an objective that has been at the core of the firm’s culture since its inception. Specializing in Large Scale Architectural, Corporate/Residential Interiors, structural work and is committed to delivering Design Excellence through a Turnkey Model. It is one of the “Original” few companies that pioneered into and brought the Turnkey model into Architectural/Corporate and Residential Interiors when very few Architects or Designers would venture into this territory

Combining the highest standards of rigorous design ethos with proven construction management, We at “Sumit Decor” provide the right mix of experience and flair to meaningfully enhance your life. We help you make design decisions which are aesthetically, intellectually, and financially informed and which brings out the beauty, efficiency, and logic which focus on the aspects of space, light, and spatial relationships.

Our scope encompasses not only the architecture & interior design aspects but borders on Fine Art. In addition to ground-up work, we have expertise in renovations and additions to your home & office. For corporates, working with us results in an architecture that is current but timeless, serene yet warm, and uniquely reflective of the values and characters of the clients themselves. We undertake residential, cultural, corporate and academic building projects.

Sumit Decor’s has executed projects in different parts of the country. We are proud of our commitment to the preparation of innovative, qualitative, creative and out of the box designs.

Our dedication towards quality, our team approach and responsiveness to the client’s requirements is our main forte at Sumit Decor.

Our Core Team

Mr. Karan Singh Saini : (MD)

A person with vivid views & experience towards architecture, interior design, art and planning, apart from all, he is a brilliant motivator always with a smile on his face. With 30 years down the line, he had successfully handled various projects starting from interior to Huge projects and companies. But, even after so many years of practice, his search & approach for designs doesn’t stop with a hope to design the best for his clients always.

Mr. Sumit Saini : (MD)

He believes in a deep passion for Architecture and interior Design and that there is nothing impossible for the virtual representation of any kind of project, at any scale. He works closely with the architecture and interior design teams to produce 3D architectural renders, animations and audio visuals. He is self-motivated and responsible and has a positive attitude and an inspiring work ethic. He is able to quickly adapt to using new programs and integrating them into a project workflow.

Mr. Karam Singh Jain : (Associate Architect)

Having vast experience of 30 years in education industrial & warehouse sectors. Has out of the box designing skills helps our clients to raise their expectation on their design requirement.

Other Members :

Sumit Decor has dedicated and experienced interior designers and renovation teams includes Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Consultants, Designers, Supervisors and Support Staff – we thrive on challenges and can tackle projects of any size. We cater specifically to busy people who want a no-hassle full-service at one-stop solution. We have the specialised team that stays with your project all the way – from original sketches, through implementation, to final presentation and showcasing.

Our Philosophy

We always strive to rediscover our philosophy in every project undertaken by us. We believe in principles of creativity, continued learning, deep research, and cross-pollination of thought, client satisfaction and a no-nonsense approachability. Our aim is to work with dedication and passion and enhance the human experience.