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    We build buildings which are terribly restless. And buildings don’t go anywhere. They shouldn’t be restless.

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    Even the best team needs a great pitch to win

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    ‘I wanted to be involved in every aspect of the design in order to create a strong, cohesive look which ultimately gives each project a beautifully polished look without being ostentatious.’

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    From concept to completion Sumit decor is to deliver to clients the project of their dreams, architectural, bespoke, stylish, dramatic

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    My aspiration on each project is to translate the client's personality in the house whilst creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing living space.


Sumit Decor have a considerable portfolio spanning all forms of architectural and interior design, from remodelling and extending properties to building new property…

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Sumit Decor is a company specializing in Large Scale Architectural, Corporate/Residential Interiors and is committed to delivering Design Excellence through a Turnkey Model…

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Sumit Decor is a Design-Build Services. This method of project delivery offers the ability to have one contract with one design/builder. Because the Architect, Engineers…

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Property Renovation

Our signature offering is the one-stop solution for all your property renovation needs. Our professional interior designers, interior architects…

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Design to Sell

Looking to sell your residence? Let our experienced interior designers create a fresh new look that will showcase your home in the best possible way…

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Design to Let

Our “Design to Let” packages are intended to optimize the rentability of your residence whilst incorporating a designer look that is sure to boost…

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